Introduction - Al Horton's Letter

#page .metamedia {display:none;} Al Horton’s Letter “I came to Desert Hot Springs in May 1946 along with Paul Price.  May 3, 1947 we opened El Pueblo Market at Palm & Cahuilla.  W were approached by the new Rotary Club and it was decided Paul would represent the Market.  Paul was a Charter Member.  In 1951 [...]

1945/1946 Early in 1946 a Realtor from Downey California, Samuel M. Dudlext, came to Desert Hot Springs. He bought the drug store building located on the west side of Palm Drive just south of Pierson Blvd. Sam had been a Rotarian and Past President of the Downey Club. While on the desert he made up [...]

Desert Hot Springs Rotary 48-49 Club Picture

TOP ROW (left to right): (unknown), Glen Blackhart, Hiram T. Todd, Jack W. Morey, Albert M. Elton, John Addington, Paul Price, Paris P. Dills, Frank P. Gautiello, Howard Claxton, Frank P. Kibby, Richard A. Maher. BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Clarence C. Covey, Henry Hulme, Albert R. Simone, Sam Dudlext, George Ellis, (unknown), Richard E. [...]